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    Saw them both at GNUF, and they have a new CD coming out this month.
    two of the tracks were recorded at the Oxford Ukulele Club!

    Tracks can be listened to on Bandcamp, here:

    Sarah is known for more ‘Jazzy’ songs as is shown int the ‘East’ track

    Well worth a listen.

    They are hoping to be back in the UK next Year for the the Uk Uke Festival in Cheltenham, I have made Steve aware that they are around for workshops, as I went to The Southern Uke store for workshops (plural, one each) with them, excellent workshops. Sarah did Up The Neck, playing other than first position chordes, Craig did a huge range of stuff, from correctly holding the uke, picking, to pull off’s and everything in between. He covered a huge spread of things with lots of little tricks, that he uses.

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    Craig and Sarah have produced a little video of their UK/rope tour here:

    Other of their videos can be found here:


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