We include a few solo spots at each get together, here’s some of the performances:

March 2014

‘You can’t get that stuff no more’ by Martin

‘You always hurt the one you love’ by Kath

‘You got a friend in me’ by Sophie & Tim

February 2014

Ian Dury’s Billericay Dickie sung by Billy.

Duke Ellington’s ‘I’m just a lucky so and so’ sung by Steve.

January 2014

The two Martins playing ‘Honky Tonk Woman’.

Howard singing ‘San Francisco Bay Blues’.

Sophie and Jess play the Everley Brothers’ ‘Walk right Back’.

Steve playing ‘Everything I own’.

Christmas 2013

Sophie & Tim playing their seasonal song ‘Rude Rudolph’.

Norman apparently singing a song about himself: ‘It’s Hard to be Humble’.

November 2013

Sisters Jess & Sophie singing… ‘Sisters’.

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