Songs from memory

A new song for Sunday April 14th

Wouldn’t it be good if we could play some songs without staring at bits of paper. We’ll try and find some songs suitably simple to make this possible and introduce them into our playing…

So here is the first one, it’s called: Mama Don’t Like It by Smiley Lewis

You can hear it and play along on Youtube or buy it on Itunes etc.

The chords are a simple 12 bar blues variation:

| C     |         |         |         |

| F      |        | C       |        |

| G7   | tacet | C     |        |

We’ll change the words in the verses (the types of music ‘they don’t like’) to:

Jump, blues, bop, uke

So now you need to memorise all of that – no cheating, no bits of paper!

Let’s see how it goes on Sunday…

Any other suggestions for songs we could try, reply to this post!